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Schematic illustration of deletion constructs and their characteristics, and functional analysis of KATNA1 regions.

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posted on 21.02.2019, 18:46 by Dolunay Kelle, Koray Kırımtay, Ece Selçuk, Arzu Karabay

(A) Upper part of the figure represents the deletion constructs of KATNA1 including promoter (442 bp), 5’ UTR (336 bp), promoter + 5’ UTR (778 bp), promoter + 5’ UTR + intron (3012 bp). Bioinformatic tools indicated three putative Elk1 binding sites on these regions; one of them is present on the promoter, other two sites are located on the 5 ‘UTR. Also, a CpG island is found between -85 and +218. Lower part of the figure shows SPG4 promoter including two Elk1 binding sites which were previously identified [36]. A CpG island is located on the region from -566 to +589. (B) 5’ UTR has the highest activity and the difference between “promoter + 5’ UTR” and the “5’ UTR only” is not significant. SEM values are 0.05, 36.83, 26.29, 15.49, respectively. Each experiment was performed as triplicates on the same day and the experiments were repeated four times on separate days, independently (n = 4).