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Renal histopathology of SAV infected Atlantic salmon fry.

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posted on 26.09.2017 by Tharangani K. Herath, Angela J. Ashby, Nilantha S. Jayasuriya, James E. Bron, John F. Taylor, Alexandra Adams, Randolph H. Richards, Manfred Weidmann, Hugh W. Ferguson, John B. Taggart, Herve Migaud, Mark J. Fordyce, Kim D. Thompson

H & E stained (A) trunk kidney; (B) head kidney of unchallenged fish with high number of melanomacrophages (white circles); (C) trunk and (D) head kidney of cohabitation fry, note depletion of melanomacrophages (white circles), clear, enlarged sinusoidal spaces (si) and relatively large parenchymal cells (thick arrow) compared to control fry.