Recurrence rates according to FGFR2 grade, modified UICC, VEGF, TRAIL receptor 1, TRAIL receptor 2, and E-S grade.

Kaplan-Meier estimates of (A) FGFR2, (B) modified UICC, (C) VEGF, (D) TARIL-R1, (E) TRAIL-R2, and (F) E-S grade designated as low (or early) or high (or advanced). (A) Increased FGFR2 expression was associated with recurrence. There were no significant differences in recurrence rates related to (B) modified UICC, (C) VEGF, and (E) TRAIL-R2. There was tendency toward high recurrence rate related to (D) low TRAIL-R1, difference not statistically significant. P-values were obtained from the log-rank test.