RR (95%CI) for obesity and diabetes for joint associations of TV-viewing and MVPA recommendations (n = 5776).

Abbreviations: RR, Relative Risk; CI, confidence interval; MVPA, moderate-vigorous physical activity. Time spent in watching TV (in hours/day) was categorized as low TV (≤2h/day), medium TV (>2 to ≤4h/day) and high TV (>4h/day). Recommendations for MVPA according to the WHO 2010 (≥ 2.5h/wk). Moderate-vigorous PA (≥4.0 METs) includes faster walking, cross country walking, stair climbing, working in the garden, guided exercises and outdoor sports or at home or at the gym. Multivariable-adjusted model for age (continuous), sex, education level (illiterate/primary education, secondary education and academic/graduate), smoking status (never smoker, past smoker and current smoker), marital status (single/divorced, married and widower), familiar story of coronary hearth disease (yes or no), Mediterranean diet adherence (<8 or ≥9 items) and obesity and type 2 diabetes adjusted for each other. All models were stratified by recruiting center. P-value * < .05, ** P < .01.