Putative allergens identified on immunoblots with extracts from fruits from M82, IL12-4 and IL7-3.

(A) Protein extracts from three replicates of each line were analysed by immunoblotting using sera of tomato allergic subjects. Protein bands that showed a stronger reaction (black arrows) were eluted from the gels and identified using mass spectrometry. PG2A (Polygalacturonase 2A) Solyc10g080210; PME1 (Pectin methylesterase 1) Solyc07g064170; PME2.1 (Pectin methylesterase 2.1) Solyc07g064180; nsLTP 1 (non-specific lipid transfer protein type 1) Solyc10g075090. (B) Membranes were treated with periodic acid before immunoblotting with allergic patient sera. A 14 kDa protein (Profilin) detected in immunoblots is also shown.