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Pre-depuration (a) and during depuration (b) probability distributions, with NoV cpg, and σ0 = 1.645.

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posted on 2018-03-07, 18:54 authored by Paul McMenemy, Adam Kleczkowski, David N. Lees, James Lowther, Nick Taylor

This variability corresponds to the worst case scenario where φ = 95% (Eq 5). Fig (a) splits the distribution’s area into four sections, and states probabilities for each section. Fig (b) shows probability distributions at t = 0 hrs (——), t = 50 hrs (– – –), t = 100 hrs (⋯) induced by depuration decay rate b = 0.01339. Note the different vertical axis scales. Inset bar plot shows the respective changes in section probabilities for each time point corresponding to domain values in Fig 1(a).