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Potential RHIMS in VZV strains.

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posted on 10.07.2020 by Megan Steain, Max O. D. G. Baker, Chi L. L. Pham, Nirukshan Shanmugam, Yann Gambin, Emma Sierecki, Brian P. McSharry, Selmir Avdic, Barry Slobedman, Margaret Sunde, Allison Abendroth

(A) Amino acid sequence alignment of various VZV strains showing the ORF20 RHIM region and indicating the percentage of conservation and consensus sequence. Accession numbers of VZV sequences used: X04370.1, JF306641.2, JQ972913.1, DQ457052.1, KX262866.1, KU926322.1, DQ008355.1, DQ008354.1 The RHIM core is boxed (B) Amino acid sequence alignment of the RHIM identified in VZV ORF20 (Dumas) with potential RHIMs in the capsid triplex subunit 1 from other Varicelloviruses, Simian varicella virus (SVV), Cercopithecine herpesvirus 9 (CeHV-9), Bovine herpesvirus (BHV) -1 and -5, Bubaline herpesvirus 1 (BuHV-1), Equine herpesvirus (EHV) -, -4, -8 and -9, Pseudorabiesvirus (PRV), Feline herpesvirus -1 (FHV1), and Canine herpesvirus -1 (CaHV-1). (C) Immunoblot analysis of mock and VZV-infected HT-29s following with TNF (T; 30 ng/ml), BV-6 (S; 1 μM), z-VAD-fmk (V; 25 μM). * represents a non-specific band, arrows indicate protein size markers.