Physiological and transcriptomic responses of Lanzhou Lily (Lilium davidii, var. unicolor) to cold stress - Fig 1

2020-01-23T18:29:09Z (GMT) by Xuehui Tian Jianming Xie Jihua Yu

Responses of relative electrical conductivity (Rec, A), net photosynthesis (Pn, B), maximal fluorescence (Fv/Fm, C), soluble protein (SP, D), soluble sugar (SS, E), and proline (Pro, F), superoxide dismutase (SOD, G), peroxidases (POD, H), and catalase (CAT, I) in leaves of the Lanzhou lily to different temperatures. White bars and red bars represent treatments of CK and LT, respectively. Error bars indicate ± SD (n = 3–5). Different letters indicate significant differences between both treatments (P < 0.05). CK: control (20°C); LT: low temperature (4°C).