PCR analysis of tag-UBC13/RAD5 yeast strains.

(A) mCherry-Ubc13 strain. The left panel displays the genomic DNA PCR data. Lane 1: DNA ladder marker. Lane 2: the original strain HK578-10A. Lane 3: the pop-in strain CUC-Ubc13. Lane 4: the pop-out strain mCherry-Ubc13. The right panel represents the corresponding genomic organizations at the locus of UBC13 in these three different strains. (B) Rad5-sfGFP strain. The original strain is HK578-10D. (C) Rad5-mKikGR strain. The original strain is HK578-10D. Arrows indicate the locations of primers. The detail information of primers could be found in the part of yeast strains check primers in S3 Table.