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Oxygen flux (JO2) and mitochondrial hydrogen peroxide emission (JH2O2) from permeabilized skeletal muscle fibers during various mitochondrial respiratory states, pre- and post-exercise and/or insulin clamp.

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posted on 2017-11-21, 18:32 authored by Adam J. Trewin, Itamar Levinger, Lewan Parker, Christopher S. Shaw, Fabio R. Serpiello, Mitchell J. Anderson, Glenn K. McConell, David L. Hare, Nigel K. Stepto

Representative traces of JO2 (A) and JH2O2 (B) are shown from one subject, and overall data are quantified (C and D). See Methods for abbreviations and details of the SUIT protocol. Values are mean ± SD for n = 9. *P<0.05 significantly different.