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Organic Wheat Farming Improves Grain Zinc Concentration - Fig 6

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posted on 18.08.2016 by Julian Helfenstein, Isabel Müller, Roman Grüter, Gurbir Bhullar, Lokendra Mandloi, Andreas Papritz, Michael Siegrist, Rainer Schulin, Emmanuel Frossard

Regressions of wheat grain Zn concentration with a) grain yield, b) available P, and c) grain protein concentration. Grain protein concentration had a significant interaction with cropping system on grain Zn concentration; orange shading refers to conventional. P-values for the regressions were all < 0.001 and F-statistics were 17.3, 14.4, and 6.60, respectively. Dotted lines (shaded area) are 95% confidence regions of the regression curves.