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Optimizing spatial allocation of seasonal influenza vaccine under temporal constraints - Fig 4

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posted on 2019-09-16, 17:32 authored by Srinivasan Venkatramanan, Jiangzhuo Chen, Arindam Fadikar, Sandeep Gupta, Dave Higdon, Bryan Lewis, Madhav Marathe, Henning Mortveit, Anil Vullikanti

(a) Normalized cumulative weighted ILI% (normh) for each HHS region, across past influenza seasons. (b) Results of multi-stage calibration. Target attack sizes for each HHS region and peak time are shown relative to the results of the calibration. For each HHS region, green circle represents the ground truth attack size, and the associated green dashed line represents the peak timing. In blue (purple) we show the targets achieved by best model chosen after first (second) stage of calibration. All combinations of attack sizes, peak timing achieved by the particles in the design space are shown in grey.