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Map of the areas estimated to be suitable for endemic JEV transmission.

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posted on 13.10.2021, 17:48 by Sean M. Moore

Grey represents land areas classified as either wetland or rice cultivation and was used as the upper bound for the extent of the at-risk population. Dark blue represents the lower bound on the extent of the at-risk population and only includes suitable habitat areas that have a combined density of domestic pigs and ducks of at least 10 per square km. Light + dark blue combined represents the default extent of the at-risk population and includes areas with wetland or rice cultivation that also have suitable environmental conditions for the mosquito vector population and a combined density of at least 2 domestic pigs and ducks per square km. Uncolored areas of the map are not considered as at-risk for endemic JEV transmission. The base map layer was generated using the geoBoundaries Comprehensive Global Administrative Zones (CGAZ) dataset available at