Immunohistochemical staining of plaque components in aortic plaques from high cholesterol-fed rabbits.

(A) Representative cross-sectional images of the plaques in the abdominal aorta of rabbits from week 4 to 12. α-Actin staining for smooth muscle cells (SMCs) (Bar = 50 μm). RAM-11 staining for macrophages (Bar = 50 μm). Sirius red staining for collagen (Bar = 50 μm). Oil-red O staining for lipids (Bar = 50 μm). Protein expression of TNF-α (Bar = 50 μm). (B–F) Quantification of the relative expression of SMCs, macrophages, collagen, and lipid in the plaque from rabbits. (G) Vulnerability index (VI) in five groups of high cholesterol-fed rabbits from week 4 to 12. (H) Quantification of the protein expression of TNF-α. Data are presented as the mean±SEM. *p<0.05 vs. week 4; #p<0.05 vs. week 6; ^p<0.05 vs. week 8; &p<0.05 vs. week 10.