Ignited cortical areas perfectly match the weighted core of the Human at the ignition point.

(A) A scheme of the local, mesoscale and global level of organization of the network. At left, the local level is represented by the sum of inputs and outputs of a cortical area. At the middle, the mesoscale level is measured with the core decomposition, composed by shells of incremental within-connected (or strongest) nodes. In the cartoon, blue nodes belong to the 3-core, orange to the 2-core shell and green to the 1-core shell. At the right, the global level considers the small-worldness, the integration and segregation ratio of the whole-network. (B) The s-core decomposition of






(orange) and


(green). The y-axis shows the number of nodes in the shell, whereas the x-axis shows the smax of each shell. Only one example for each type of wSCs is shown in the main plot. The inset shows the smax for all the networks used. (C) Fraction of ignited (Ri > 5) nodes, Fignited, of the network as a function of coupling gain G and for high ICs, showing the Human and one example of each wSC. (D) Fraction of nodes which are ignited (red, orange) or not-ignited (green, blue) at the G- bifurcation, and that belong to smax-core (red, green) or not (orange, blue).