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Hypersensitive cell death triggered by activation of cell-surface immune receptors requires the NRC network in Solanaceae.

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posted on 22.09.2022, 18:17 authored by Jiorgos Kourelis, Mauricio P. Contreras, Adeline Harant, Hsuan Pai, Daniel Lüdke, Hiroaki Adachi, Lida Derevnina, Chih-Hang Wu, Sophien Kamoun

Recognition of apoplastic effectors and translocated intracellular effectors by cell-surface leucine-rich repeat receptor proteins and intracellular NRC-type sensor-NLRs, respectively, results in NRC3-mediated hypersensitive cell death. This cell death requires an intact α1 helix of NRC3 indicating the possible formation of an activated NRC3 resistosome. Divergent pathogen effectors converge on this node to suppress both NLR triggered as well as cell-surface receptor triggered immune recognition.