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History of founder events in present-day human populations.

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posted on 23.06.2022, 17:50 authored by Rémi Tournebize, Gillian Chu, Priya Moorjani

Results of ASCEND for present-day populations in the Human Origins v37 dataset that passed filtering criteria and showed significant evidence of founder events (see Methods). Each point shown represents a population and the vertical segment represents the age of its associated founder event (where the segment length is proportional to the founder age). To avoid overplotting in certain areas, we shifted the location of a few populations and indicated their original location (black diamond point) with an arrow getting darker towards the original location. The color gradient of the points and segments is proportional to the estimated founder intensity. Points with a black border represent populations which have experienced significantly stronger founder events than Ashkenazi Jews (shown in legend for reference). The strongest founder event is estimated for the Andamanese population Onge (21.2%). The world map was obtained from the R package maps with GPL-2 public license.