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Histological scores at D42 intradermal challenge sites.

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posted on 12.10.2018, 17:46 by Laurie A. Baeten, Brendan K. Podell, Ann E. Sluder, Anja Garritsen, Richard A. Bowen, Mark C. Poznansky

Data are presented as histological scores at termination, following day 42 p.i. intradermal challenge, grouped by route of sensitization with C. burnetii Nine Mile (Cb9M) (i.p., intraperitoneal; i.n., intranasal) or saline controls. Scores are shown for injection sites harvested at day 7 p.c. (open shapes) and day 21 p.c. (filled shapes). Values are presented by challenge dose (A) 0 μg Coxevac, (B) 1 μg Coxevac, (C) 2 μg Coxevac, and (D) 4 μg Coxevac. 1Histopathological scoring (0–5) is as noted in Table 1. Error bars represent group mean and standard deviations. Group mean differences assessed by one-way ANOVA with Tukey’s multiple correction test; *P≤0.05; ** P≤0.01.