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Heat-map reporting the correlations (Pearson’s r) of the growth on water extracts of six target organisms: Two plants (Brassica, Lepidium), four fungi (Rhizoctonia, Aspergillus, Fusarium, Trichoderma) and survival of a nematode (Meloidogyne), to the chemical parameters of olive mill waste (OMW) and its biochars pyrolyzed at 300 °C, 500 °C, 800 °C, or 1000 °C.

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posted on 2018-06-07, 17:41 authored by Roberta Marra, Francesco Vinale, Gaspare Cesarano, Nadia Lombardi, Giada d’Errico, Antonio Crasto, Pierluigi Mazzei, Alessandro Piccolo, Guido Incerti, Sheridan L. Woo, Felice Scala, Giuliano Bonanomi

Asterisks indicate statistically significant correlation values, negative or positive. Labels in the x-axis indicate the parameters measured (carbon and nitrogen contents, pH, C/N and H/C ratios, EC), and the numbers refer to the 13C NMR spectral ranges (in ppm) for reference regions of the different C types: alkyl C (0–45 ppm), methoxyl and N-alkyl C (46–60 ppm), O-alkyl C (61–90 ppm), di-O-alkyl C (91–110 ppm), H- and C-substituted aromatic C (111–140 ppm), O-substituted aromatic C (141–160 ppm), carboxylic C (161–190 ppm).