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H/D exchange of PRC1-DD.

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posted on 05.08.2022, 20:04 authored by Fei Tan, Jin Xu

(a) Bar graph showing the protection factor of each amide proton in PRC1-DD, schematic representations of PRC1-DD structure were also provided on top of the figure. (b) Bar graph showing the unfolding free energy (ΔGex) of each residue. (c) Experimentally determined free energy of unfolding (ΔGex) mapped to PRC1-DD solution structure. The ΔGex ranges are: fast exchangers (purple) ΔGex ≥ 30000; medium exchangers (white) ΔGex = 15000–30000; slow exchangers (cyan) ΔGex ≤ 15000. Figures were drawn using CHIMERA.