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HPV genotypic diversity and relative proportion of HPV genotypes in cervical samples by NGS, according histology.

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posted on 23.11.2022, 19:00 authored by Jorge Alejandro Basiletti, Joan Valls, Tomás Poklépovich, María Dolores Fellner, Maryluz Rol, Rafael Alonso, Rita Mariel Correa, María Celeste Colucci, Mercedes Rodríguez de la Peña, Paula Gabriela Falabella, Agustina Saíno, Josefina Campos, Rolando Herrero, Maribel Almonte, María Alejandra Picconi

HPV genotypes were classified according IARC criteria from carcinogenic (Group 1), probably/possibly carcinogenic (Group 2A/B) to probably not carcinogenic (Group 4). Lines correspond to each of the studied samples, the columns to each genotype identified and the different shades of gray in the cells represent the relative proportion, in percentage, of each genotype detected within a sample (the lightest corresponding to the lowest proportion and the darkest to the highest proportion). A: Individual and mean Gini coefficient to measure genotypic diversity are shown for each sample and histological group, respectively (79 ≤CIN1 and 58 CIN3+). Samples grade are ordered by Gini coefficient, from minimal (white) to maximal (black) genotypic diversity. B: Zoom in showing the HPV genotypic relative proportions in 92 cervical samples (68 ≤CIN1 and 24 CIN3+) with multiple infections.