Gastrointestinal transit of luminescent L. reuteri strains.

Localization of 6475-CBRluc-mCherry, R2LC-CBRluc and wildtype strains was evaluated in vivo and ex vivo using IVIS at 0, 60, 120 and 180 min after administration of a single dose of the bacteria (1x1010 CFU/mouse) in 3 separate experiments. 6475-CBRluc-mCherry (n = 10), R2LC-CBRluc (n = 3), 6475-wild type (n = 3) and R2LC-wild type (n = 1) for luminescence and 6475-CBRluc-mCherry (n = 5) and 6475-wild type (n = 2) for fluorescence imaging. 6475-wildtype (a, b); 6475-CBRluc-mCherry 0 min (c, d); 60 min (e, f); 120 min (g, h); and 180 min post gavage (i, j); R2LC-wildtype (k, l); R2LC-CBRluc 60 min (m, n) and 180 min post gavage (o, p).