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Frequencies of motor states from diaries, raw PKG and calibrated PKG data.

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posted on 24.08.2016, 17:34 by Christiana Ossig, Florin Gandor, Mareike Fauser, Cecile Bosredon, Leonid Churilov, Heinz Reichmann, Malcolm K. Horne, Georg Ebersbach, Alexander Storch

(A) Distributions of motor states from diaries, raw PKG data and calibrated PKG data recorded over 5 days in 24 patients (120 days). Numbers above bars are total hours available (6 am to 10 pm without sleeping/PKG off time and hours with unclassified motor states). (B-D) Displayed are total hours per day in motor Off state (B), motor On state without dyskinesia (C) and dyskinetic state (D) as per the diaries, PKG raw and calibrated data.