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posted on 2023-01-24, 18:34 authored by Malte Schilling, Holk Cruse

A) shows a section of neuroWalknet circuitry including the four units representing the bistable monopole controlling forward-backward walking (FW, BW, stimulated by sensors representing the tactile stimulation at the abdomen at the back or antennae at the front which induce walking in the opposite direction, i.e., forward walking or backward walking respectively), and another bistable monopole controlling swing-stance (SW, ST) stimulated by load sensor or position sensor (load on, load off). Unit Stance can further be stimulated by two specific sensors, fCO ramp (stimulus elong.), and CS, caudal bending. Correspondingly, unit Swing can be stimulated by fCO (ramp, short.) and CS (caudal, relax.). Unit Walk is recurrently coupled to units Stance, Swing, FW, and BW. For the third bistable monopole Stand-Walk see text. B) shows for a single leg the degrees of freedom as well as the actuating muscles.