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posted on 2021-03-12, 18:38 authored by Laura J. White, Ellen F. Young, Mark J. Stoops, Sandra R. Henein, Elizabeth C. Adams, Ralph S. Baric, Aravinda M. de Silva

50% Neutralization titers (Neut50) in undepleted (A) and Heterologous virus-depleted (B) baseline seronegative NHP vaccinated with TDV (left) or infected with WT DV1, DV2 or DV3 (right). Non-human primates were vaccinated with one dose (filled circles) or two doses (half filled circles) of TDV, or infected once with wild type DV1, DV2 or DV3 (S2 Table). Animals were bled 180 days after infection or last vaccination. Each sample underwent BSA-depletion (undepleted control) (A), depletion of cross-reactive nAbs by incubation with heterologous serotype viruses (HET depleted) (B) and depletion with the homologous serotype, before determining Neut50 titers by mFRNT assay. Each value represents the titer after subtraction of the background homologous-depletion titer. Each dot represents one animal. Line represents the GMT of the Neut50 titers. The lowest serum dilution tested was 20 (horizontal dotted line). Statistical analysis was done using nonparametric Friedman test with Dunn’s multiple comparison among serotypes after TDV vaccine. * P < 0.05; ** P < 0,005; *** P < 0.0005.