Fibrillation kinetics of insulin incubated in the presence of degradation products of aloin.

Representative, normalized fibrillation curves of insulin in the presence of (A) 2% DMSO (green), 400 μM aloin in DMSO (black) and 400 μM aloin heated 10 minutes in DMSO (blue). (B) 0.4% EtOH (red), aloin incubated 1 week in PBS buffer (blue), (C) 2% DMSO (green), 400 μM aloe-emodine (blue) or 400 μM D-glucose (black), (D) 2% DMSO (green), 2% CH2Cl2 (purple), the CH2Cl2 phase of a 3 weeks old 400 μM aloin solution incubated with CH2Cl2 (blue) and the dried CH2Cl2 phase reconstituted in DMSO (black). Fibrillation conditions: ThT assay, pH 7.4.