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Fatality rates, viral loads and laboratory index of patients infected with five viral genotypes.

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posted on 2023-09-18, 17:32 authored by Yu-ting Ren, Hong-pan Tian, Jia-le Xu, Man-qing Liu, Kun Cai, Shu-liang Chen, Xue-bing Ni, Yi-rong Li, Wei Hou, Liang-jun Chen

(A) Red columns represent dead patients and blue column represent survival patient. Datapoints show CFRs; error bars show 95% CIs; (B) Horizontal and dotted lines indicate the mean value and IQR. The statistical significance (p<0.05) of the comparison of viral load among these five genotypes used the ANOVA test. (C) Intermediate lines show mean value; error bars show standard deviation (SD). The star indicates the statistical significance (p<0.05) of the comparison of laboratory variables between the patients infected with genotype C1 and other four genotypes determined by the ANOVA test. “*” indicate 0.01<p<0.05, “**” indicate 0.001<p<0.01, “***” indicate p<0.001 (detailed in S8 and S9 Tables).