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FBP1 inhibits GC proliferation and invasion.

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posted on 2016-12-15, 23:13 authored by Jing Li, Ying Wang, Qing-Guo Li, Jin-Jun Xue, Zhu Wang, Xin Yuan, Jian-Dong Tong, Li-Chun Xu

(A) Basic FBP1 expression in different gastric cancer cells were demonstrated. The endogenous low FBP1 expression cancer cells AGS and MGC803 were used to be transfected with pCDH-FBP1 or control (empty vector), and the endogenous high FBP1 expression cancer cells MNK45 and SGC7901 were used to be transfected with FBP1-shRNA or scramble control. Western blot (B) and qRT-PCR (C) were used to verify increased or decreased levels of FBP1 in the transfected cells. The CCK-8 assays (D) and colony formation study (E) demonstrated that ectopically expressed FBP1 significantly inhibited gastric cancer cell proliferation, while silencing FBP1 expression dramatically increased cell proliferation. Similarly, Transwell migration assay (F) and Matrigel invasion assay (G) showed that ectopic expression of FBP1 suppressed migration and invasion abilities of AGS and MGC803 cells significantly, and silencing FBP1 had opposite effects. Each bar represents the mean ± SD. of three independent experiments. (*P<0.05).