Expression of proteins in PI3K/Akt and AR pathways in PTEN-P2 and PTEN-CaP2 cells in response to DR17, docetaxel (DTX), 17AAG, and rapamycin (Rap) treatments.

DR17, docetaxel, 17AAG, and rapamycin were added to media to the final concentration of 105μM, 12.38μM, 85.37μM, and 10.94μM, respectively, in which concentrations of individual drug were calculated based on their molarity ratio in DR17 formula [docetaxel:rapamycin:17-AAG (1:1:8.5)]. Cells were exposed to drug treatments for 24h, after which total protein was collected. Immunoblotting was performed from equal amount of total protein using the indicated antibodies as described in Materials and Methods. Results are representative of 3 independent experiments.