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Expression of key factors involved in VLDL assembly, esterification and secretion.

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posted on 22.03.2016 by Mao Li, Ting Ye, Xiao-Xia Wang, Xian Li, Ou Qiang, Tao Yu, Cheng-Wei Tang, Rui Liu

The positive expression of ADRP is manifested by brown granules (A, immunohistochemistry staining, ×400 magnification). The Integral Optical Density (IOD) of ADRP were analyzed by Image Pro Plus 6.0 software (C). ADRP expression was significantly higher in obese rats than in the control and octreotide-treated rats, as evidenced by immunohistochemistry and western blot analyses (B, E). The level of MTP mRNA were detected by RT-PCR (D). The protein level of hepatic MTP in the obese group was the lowest of the three groups, as measured by a western blot (B, F). Semi-quantitative RT-PCR showed that the level of apoB mRNA in the obese group was the highest among the three groups (G). The protein levels of apoB were measured by ELISA (H). **p<0.01 vs. control group; ##p<0.01 vs. obese group.