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Ex-vivo pig skin sections with PpIX fluorescence stained for endothelial cells (CD31).

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posted on 2016-02-12, 07:45 authored by Henriëtte S. de Bruijn, Sander Brooks, Angélique van der Ploeg-van den Heuvel, Timo L. M. ten Hagen, Ellen R. M. de Haas, Dominic J. Robinson

A: PpIX fluorescence images (I-III) and the corresponding transmission-CD31 overlay images (IV-VI) of ex-vivo pig skin 4 hours after topical ALA, BF-200 ALA and MAL application. Bar = 50um. B: Pearson’s correlation coefficient for PpIX and anti-CD31 fluorescence determined in ex-vivo pig skin sections 4 hours after topical ALA, BF-200 ALA (BF-200), MAL and vehicle application. A value of -1 represent complete exclusion and +1 represents complete co-localization. † statistically significant different from vehicle with p<0.01 (SNK test).