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Epitope and antibody accessibility scores discriminate between spike mutation sites and generic surface residues.

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posted on 2023-01-24, 18:35 authored by Sören von Bülow, Mateusz Sikora, Florian E. C. Blanc, Roberto Covino, Gerhard Hummer

CDFs of (A) the epitope consensus score [18] and (B) the AAS considering glycans and calculated for all spike residues (black), surface residues (blue), sites of mutations in Omicron BA.1 (green), Omicron BA.5 (purple), and earlier variants (orange). Red arrows indicate the KS statistic as the maximum vertical gap between the CDFs for Omicron BA.1 mutation sites and surface residues, respectively. The corresponding P-values for the epitope score (A) and the AAS (B) are 0.016 and 1.5 × 10−5, respectively.