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Electrochemical detection of macerated mosquitoes of laboratory colonies (ML) and field samples (MF).

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posted on 13.05.2022, 17:43 by Parinda Thayanukul, Benchaporn Lertanantawong, Worachart Sirawaraporn, Surat Charasmongkolcharoen, Thanyarat Chaibun, Rattanalak Jittungdee, Pattamaporn Kittayapong

Different mosquito species were included as follows: wild-type Aedes aegypti (AegW, if ML: Aae-JJ), wAlbB trans-infected Thai Ae. aegypti (AegB, wAlbB-TH), Aedes albopictus (Alb, if ML: Aal-CH), Culex gelidus (Cx.gel) and Culex vishnui (Cx.vis). Samples giving peak currents above 30 nA (approximately four-times blank signal) were considered positive. The bar charts represent the mean of 5 replications of DPV measurement and standard deviation was shown. Different patterns indicate either laboratory colony or field samples. Colors indicate different mosquito colonies or species.