Effects of AHL on wound healing and epithelialization in diabetic rats in experiment 2.

(a) Macroscopic observation of healing of full-thickness wounds on both flanks of diabetic rats. The wounds on the right and left flanks were treated with vehicle (upper panels) or AHL (lower panels) on PWD 4. The appearances of both wounds before treatment on PWD 4 were similar. In AHL-treated wounds, by PWD 7, the necrotic tissue had disappeared and regeneration of the epidermis was apparent. Scale bar = 1 cm. (b) The wound area of AHL-treated wounds (red line) on PWD 8, 10 and 12 was significantly smaller than that of vehicle-treated wounds (blue line). *P < 0.05. (c) HE staining showed improvements of the histological abnormalities, including tylosis and invagination (arrow), in AHL-treated wounds but not in vehicle-treated wounds. Scale bar = 200 μm.