Effect of the PPARγ-agonist (rosiglitazone, 10 μM) on coronary reactive hyperemia (CRH) in Tie2-sEH Tr and WT mice.

The PPARγ-agonist, rosiglitazone, enhanced CRH in both Tie2-sEH Tr and WT mice. Repayment volume (A), and repayment/debt ratio (C) were increased in both strains. Repayment duration (B) was increased in WT mice, but not in Tie2-sEH Tr mice. Repayment volume was decreased more in Tie2-sEH Tr compared to WT mice. Baseline CF (D), LVPD (E), and HR (F) were not different between the two groups. * P < 0.05 versus WT. # P < 0.05 versus rosiglitazone–treated WT. n = 8 per group.