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Dyadic LIKE values averaged over the “second year” of the recording period with a high level of partner selectivity (LPS) and an intermediate decrease speed (LHW = 2880) compared between the original and alternative dynamics as well as the two combined dynamics (dynamics 3 and dynamics 4) for two different increase speeds.

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posted on 2021-04-02, 17:33 authored by Tonko W. Zijlstra, Han de Vries, Elisabeth H. M. Sterck

On the y-axis individuals are ordered from low ranking (top row) to high ranking (bottom row). On the x-axis individuals are ordered from low ranking (left) to high ranking (right). Each square represents LIKE from one individual to another. LIKE ranges from 0.99 (black) to 0.01 (white). The simulation runs shown for the original dynamics and the alternative dynamics correspond to the two images on the right in Fig 3D and 3F.