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Distribution of abundance of nurse sharks (Ginglymostoma cirratum) in Belize.

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posted on 2021-08-24, 17:34 authored by Francesco Garzon, Rachel T. Graham, Ivy Baremore, Dan Castellanos, Hilmar Salazar, Cynthia Xiu, Zeddy Seymour, Matthew J. Witt, Lucy A. Hawkes

(a) Mean MaxN and Frequency of Occurrence (FO; black and empty dots, respectively), and (b) encounter rate (ER, sharks km-2) of nurse sharks in each study region obtained from BRUVs and transects, respectively. Bars represent standard errors. Red lines represent pairs of significantly different estimates. Glover’s reef does not have data in panel (b) as transects were not conducted at that site. GLO = Glover’s reef, LRA = Lighthouse reef, NBZ = North Belize, SBZ = South Belize, TUR = Turneffe Atoll. Map base layer created in MapBox Studio ( using freely available data from MapBox (hillshade and terrain data; can be found within the software) and Natural Earth (; bathymetry and geopolitical contours).). Barrier reef (pink) shapefile data was obtained from (2015 version; [36]).