Discremination rates of DNA barcoding in six genera in the analyses of 'Best Match' in TaxonDNA.

The lables in X-axis representing all the single barcodes and their combinations used in this study. I: ITS, M: matK, R: rbcL, T: trnH-psbA. IM: ITS + matK; IR, ITS + rbcL; IT, ITS +trnH-psbA;MR, matK + rbcL; MT, matK + trnH-psbA; RT, rbcL + trnH-psbA; IMR, ITS + matK + rbcL; IMT, ITS + matK + trnH-psbA; IRT, ITS + rbcL + trnH-psbA; MRT, matK + rbcL + trnH-psbA; IMRT, ITS + matK + rbcL + trnH-psbA.