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Deletion of hfq alters cell sensitivity to PG-targeting antibiotics.

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posted on 21.08.2017, 17:35 by Irnov Irnov, Zhe Wang, Nicholas D. Jannetty, Julian A. Bustamante, Kyu Y. Rhee, Christine Jacobs-Wagner

(A) Representative images from disk diffusion assays evaluating the sensitivity of Δhfq and control strains toward fosfomycin, cephalexin, and vancomycin. Cells from exponentially growing cultures were mixed with PYE soft agar (0.75%) and poured on top of PYE agar plates in the absence or presence of 100 μM DAP. Plates were incubated at 30°C for 70 h with antibiotic-loaded filter disks. (B) Quantification of antibiotic sensitivity for Δhfq and control strains, as determined by the diameter of the clear zone of inhibition around the disk relative to the zone of inhibition for the WT strain. The error bars represent the standard deviations from 3 independent experiments. “n.s.”, not significant (p-value > 0.05); *, p-value < 0.01 by two-tailed t-test.