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Correlation tri-plot of the first two axes obtained from the distance-based redundancy analysis (dbRDA).

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posted on 13.05.2022, 17:51 by Florian Straub, Jonas Kuppler, Martin Fellendorf, Miriam Teuscher, Juliane Vogt, Manfred Ayasse

The graph shows the relationship between the chemical scent bouquet of lipids on bumblebees and important environmental parameters. Sites are shown as individual plots and ellipses for region groups (ALB: Schwäbische Alb, HAI: Hainich-Dün, SCH: Schorfheide-Chorin). The explanatory variables temperature and land-use intensity (LUI) are shown as red lines, the three scent compounds with the highest loadings in CAP1 and CAP2, namely (Z)-7-Pentacosene (Z7_C25), Pentacosane (C25), and Hentriacontane (C31), are shown as black lines.