Correlation of cervicovaginal fluid pro-inflammatory mediators, metabolite concentrations and maternal clinical and demographic details.

Spearman’s correlation coefficients (r, colour) range from -1 (dark blue) to +1 (dark red); and significant P-values (< 0.05) stated in the coloured boxes. Due to the high number (28) of compared measures, a Bonferroni corrected value of 0.05/364 = p<0.000137 was applied to minimise Type 1 error. Ace/Glx, acetate/glutamate ratio; CL, cervical length; BMI, body mass Index; FFN, quantitative fetal fibronectin; Gest., gestational; g.w, gestational week; g.d, gestational day; labour, latency i.e. interval between presentation and delivery.