Comparison of experimental patterns of antigenicity, predicted antigenicity, and conformational dynamics, for FC27 (left) and 3D7 (right) MSP2.

A. Antigenicity profiles of MSP2 inferred from experimental immunisation of mice (black) and rabbits (red) are plotted against the sequence. Black bars (top) denote the location of epitopes of a panel of monoclonal antibodies to MSP2. B. Conformational flexibility of MSP2 as measured by the spectral density functions derived from the 15N relaxation data. Spectral density functions are plotted at zero frequency (black line) and at the 15N Larmor frequency (red line). C. Antigenicity of MSP2 as predicated using BepiPred [60] (red, right axis) and the method of Kolaskar and Tongaonkar [61] (black, left axis). The threshold for epitope prediction for both methods is denoted by the grey line.