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Comparison of ambient air temperature in the three different study regions.

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posted on 13.05.2022, 17:51 by Florian Straub, Jonas Kuppler, Martin Fellendorf, Miriam Teuscher, Juliane Vogt, Manfred Ayasse

Ambient air temperature significantly differed between regions (LMM: χ2 = 37.70, p < 0.001). Region Schorfheide-Chorin (SCH) differed significantly from regions Schwäbische Alb (ALB, Post-hoc Tukey-test: p < 0.001) and Hainich-Dün (HAI, Post-hoc Tukey-test: p < 0.05). Region Schwäbische Alb (ALB) differed significantly from region Hainich-Dün (HAI, Post-hoc Tukey-test: p < 0.001). Boxplots show the median range, interquartile range, and the minimum and maximum ranges. Different capital letters indicate significant differences among groups.