Comparison of IL-1β treated and untreated clot samples.

(a) and (b) show reconstructed dSTORM images of two clots, untreated (a) and treated with IL-1β (b). In (c) zoomed images of two regions extracted from (a) and (b) are shown. In (d) two populations of clusters from both images with a cluster dimension of 145 nm are visualised. (e) shows the comparison of cluster densities for all given cluster dimensions between the two datasets (1st-level statistic). Blue and red lines depict the results of the KS- and WX-test, respectively [75, 88]. The aggregated p-value between KS and WX tests (black dashed line) remains below the critical p-value area (orange bar) and thus proves the dissimilarity hypothesis for most of the cluster dimensions. (f) shows the aggregated p-values of averaged density and curvature distribution, determined via mean-cross analysis(blue) and the average p-value (green, including confidential intervals: black dashed lines) (simM = 0.07 and simL = 0.06). The table in (g) shows the classification table with MLP neural network classification values for dissimilar and similar samples. The output values of the trained network can be interpreted as a posteriori probability of similarity hypotheses.