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Cohesin and the accessory factors localize to DNA replication origins in BG3 cells.

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posted on 2018-02-15, 18:30 authored by Ziva Misulovin, Michelle Pherson, Maria Gause, Dale Dorsett

(A) Genome browser view of Brca2, Pds5, Wapl, Rad21, SA, Nipped-B and Rpb3 ChIP-seq at the kayak locus containing an early DNA replication origin. The scales are log2 enrichment. David MacAlpine provided the processed BG3 early DNA replication data (GEO accession GSE17287) and the scale is MA2C score. The SA, Nipped-B, and Rpb3 ChIP-seq data are published elsewhere [17, 19]. (B) Meta-origin analysis of the ChIP-seq data using the 78 strongest early DNA replication origins (positions in S1 File). The mean enrichment in 10 kb bins was calculated from -100 kb to +100 kb from the origin centers.