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Characterization of a Monoclonal Antibody Directed against Mytilus spp Larvae Reveals an Antigen Involved in Shell Biomineralization - Fig 5

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posted on 23.03.2016, 06:14 by Juan Calvo-Iglesias, Daniel Pérez-Estévez, Silvia Lorenzo-Abalde, Beatriz Sánchez-Correa, María Isabel Quiroga, José M. Fuentes, África González-Fernández

Western blot assays on EPF and hemolymph from adult M. galloprovincialis mussels under reducing (a) and non reducing (b) conditions. (1, 6) Molecular weight markers (kDa); (2, 7) pool of EPFs; (3, 8; 4, 9; 5, 10) hemolymph from mussel 1, 2 and 3, respectively.