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Ceftazidime treatment of B. pseudomallei 1026b In vitro and In vivo.

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posted on 12.01.2017 by Jason E. Cummings, Richard A. Slayden

(A) Mid-log phase B. pseudomallei 1026b was treated with 2X MIC (4μg/ml) for two hours and cells harvested for total RNA and CFU determination. (B) 5–6 week old Balb/c mice were infected with 5000 CFU B. pseudomallei 1026b. Mice were treated with 200 mg/kg ceftazidime intraperitoneally at 36 hours post infection and received a second dose at 48 hours post infection. Mice were euthanized and lungs harvested at 36, 48, and 60 hours post infection for total RNA and for CFU determination. Significance is determined by a p value <0.01 by Two-way ANOVA when compared to untreated control. (C) Ceftazidime treated mice were monitored for survival after withdrawal of treatment.