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Between-subject analyses of the theta-band activation during motor initiation.

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posted on 16.09.2020 by Nikita S. Frolov, Elena N. Pitsik, Vladimir A. Maksimenko, Vadim V. Grubov, Anton R. Kiselev, Zhen Wang, Alexander E. Hramov

A Baseline-corrected spatio-temporal clusters (left) and mean theta-band ERSP of the corresponding clusters (right) preceding RH movements execution. White circles indicate cluster of sensors with significant differences via non-parametric test. Pairwise comparison is performed via one-tailed unpaired F-test with ppairwise = 0.005 (dF1 = 1 and dF2 = 18, Fcritical = 10.218) and cluster-based analysis is performed via non-parametric permutation test with pcluster = 0.05. B Distribution of the event-related theta-band spectral power of the uncovered spatio-temporal cluster (A) across subjects in each (group, condition)–set. Here, ‘*’ indicates p < 0.05. C Scatterplot of paired observations within each group.