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BMP receptor transgenic expression rescues FMRFa expression in Mcm5 mutants.

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posted on 23.06.2022, 20:05 authored by Irene Rubio-Ferrera, Pablo Baladrón-de-Juan, Luis Clarembaux-Badell, Marta Truchado-Garcia, Sheila Jordán-Álvarez, Stefan Thor, Jonathan Benito-Sipos, Ignacio Monedero Cobeta

(A-E) Expression of Eya and proFMRFa, in control (A), Mcm5 mutants (B), expression of Gbb ligand (gbb) in Mcm5 (C), expression of the activated type I BMP receptors (saxA and tkvA) in Mcm5 mutants (D), expression of wild type forms of the type I BMP receptors (sax and tkv) in Mcm5 mutants (E), at stage 18h AEL (thoracic segments T1-T3). (F) Quantification of proFMR expressing cells (Tv4) in control, Mcm5 mutants and rescue genotypes (U-Mann-Whitney test; n≥6 CNS per genotype, n≥ 30 hemisegments per genotype, *** = p<0.001; n.s = non-significant). Merge and individual antibody images are shown in each panel. Genotypes: (A) Oregon-R, w1118. (B) pros-Gal4; Mcm5exc222. (C) pros-Gal4/UAS-gbb; Mcm5exc222 (D) pros-Gal4/UAS-saxA, UAS-tkvA; Mcm5exc222. (E) pros-Gal4/UAS-sax, UAS-tkv; Mcm5exc222.