BMD and orientations of collagen fibers and the BAp c-axis in the femoral cortical bone of female wild-type and Ocn–/–mice at 9 months of age.

(A) Schematic presentation of analyzed positions and the correlation of angles and colors used for collagen orientation in B. (B) The orientation of collagen fibers shown in color. (C) BMD. (D) Collagen orientation degree. If the orientation of collagen fibers is completely parallel to the longitudinal direction of bone, the degree is one. (E) BAp c-axis orientation degree. The preferential alignment of the BAp c-axis along the bone longitudinal direction was the intensity ratio of the (002) diffraction peak to the (310) peak. Higher values indicate a more preferential alignment to the longitudinal direction. *: P<0.05, **: P<0.01. (F) Single regression analysis of the orientation of collagen fibers and the BAp c-axis. wt: blue dots, Ocn–/–: red dots. wt: n = 5, Ocn–/–: n = 6 in C-F.